Vibrating feeling


I’ve been diagnosed about 6 months. I’ve just returned from a lovely holiday and not sure if it’s just jet lag and getting used to the correct time zone but my hands and legs just feel weird. My legs feel heavy and I have this vibrating feeling in my hands. My hands aren’t shaking.

I tried to explain this to my MS nurse but she just asked if I thought I was having a relapse. I don’t know what having a relapse is like since I am newly diagnosed and this is different to anything I have had before.

Does anyone else get this?


yes i have this and i always get worse after a holiday in a hot place.

4 years in and i still don’t know what a relapse is. i have times when i feel rubbish but how rubbish does it get.

my ms nurse just says “you’ll know about it if you have a relapse” i know she means well but it doesnt really help.

i’m glad you had a lovely holiday. i had bad reactions to the heat in greece and also in spain when it was REALLY hot (so hot that the spanish waiters were suffering)

talk about feeling like a freak - i was happy to return to the manchester rain!

Hi Carole

Thanks. It wasn’t so hot where I was (~20C).

As far as relapses go - as long as I can still go about my day to day things, I can’t complain. Just wish I could do domething about feeling so tired.


It’s sometimes hard to tell what is and what isn’t a relapse, especially when we’ve been doing something that might just have temporarily added to our symptoms.

I guess I would see what happens if I were you. If things get better, then no big deal. If things get worse, then it’s either a relapse or a pseudo-relapse (maybe you picked up a bug on holiday?) and you need to call your MS nurse again.

Fwiw, yes, I know exactly what you mean by internal shaking / vibrating. Damned annoying, but thankfully not debilitating. It still surprises me that no one else can see it when it happens!

I hope it’s just the jet lag and you soon feel better.

Karen x


I’ll continue to call ie “feeling wavy”, much to my partners frutration (as it doesn’t make sense to him).


Hi fade Have a look at the post I just put on the really am a weird one thread by debs. Catherine

Ah! Feel dreadful. Got horribly drunk at work party on Tuesday and still feel shattered and wobbily. No more drinking for me Santa!