Hi all,

This is the first time I’ve written on this site. I was diagnosed with Ms over 6 months ago. I had a relapse before Christmas and then another in January. I have been off work for a couple of months and am on a phased return at the moment. The last few nights my legs have been “jumpy” and then tonight both my legs feel on fire. When touched I get a horrible sensation. I feel like I have jelly legs. Could this be another relapse? I seem to be getting a lot more of them since diagnosis. I don’t know what to do, I seem to get over one episode and another starts. Is this what it’s like? I’m worried that I’m reading to much into every twitch, pain and numbness. Does anyone else have relapses often?



i had a massive relapse during my diagnosis in 2008.

not helped by being on holiday in greece, where it was so hot that even the greek waiters were flagging.

then it eventually settled and i had a good few years remission.

last year i had a string of urinary tract infections resulting in relapses or pseudo relapses as my ms nurse calls them.

try to make sure that your core temperature doesnt get too high.

ring your ms nurse and let him/her know about these issues.

see your gp so that they definitely get logged on your medical records.

if it gets unbearably bad you could ask for steroids although i always refuse them when offered because i don’t like the side effects.

carole x

Make sure that your MS nurse/neurologist know what is happening. It is important that they know that you are relapsing all over the place because this will affect their thinking on how best to treat your MS - particularly whether you should be on a disease-modifying-treatment and, if so, which one.