Where to stary, i’m 26 with 2 young children. At the end of november 2012 I started having pins and needles/numbness and werid skin sensations in legs, back and abdomen, I went to GP who sent me to hospital who referref me to a neurologist. These symptons carried ond gradually got worse throughout december moving to my hands. Around xmas I my legs were in pain and then I could not move around without wobbling (felt like I was drunk and was accussed of being so by a shop keeper). fell over a few times, felt like my legs were gona give way at any time. while I was still having these werid sensations in legs, arms, hands and abdomen and back. went to a&e where I was told it was suspected ms, had a spine scan and lumbure puncture which both showed signs of ms and under went IV steriod treatment in hospital for 5 days and sent home with oral steriods which ended 1.5weeks ago. The symptons have not gone with a period of my hands being so bad 3 weeks ago that I could not hold a pen. they are better now but still cannot do small buttons or grip a cup etc. I had a brain scan 2 weeks ago and have a visual evoked potential booked for next week (they mentioned something showing up as irregular when they done some simple tests on eyes in hospital

This weekend I have had a cold which has knocked me for six, extreme fatigue - woke up his morning unable to walk far without legs givven way - phoned work sick - they have improved has day has gone on.

I cannot get hold of neurologist for any advise. I feel I have no one to ask advise or turn so I hope you dont mind.

Few questions: are legs worse because of cold, I have read this can make ms symptons worse? Does a relapse usually last this long with varying levels of severity - nearing 3 months???

I think I need to tell my employer tomorrow - which I wasnt going to do until diagnosis is confirmed which neurologst said that what brain scan was for am not due to see him until March - but as it s affecting my work now should I tell them sooner? what are my rights?

Sorry for long babbling post!!

Colds and other viruses can knock anyone with MS for six - thankfully it’s usually temporary though.

Relapses can last anything from a day to many months, maybe even up to a year. It’s also possible to have back-to-back relapses because once someone’s MS gets active, it can keep on going for quite a while :frowning: According to the official definition, new symptoms occurring more than 30 days after the last lot started is a new relapse. It’s not always obvious though :frowning:

One thing I’ve learned on here is that it is usually better to take a longer period of sick leave than lots of short ones, so it may be better to not keep struggling to go back to work only to go off sick again. I think the Equality Act covers anyone with a disability, regardless of diagnosis, but I have a feeling that the disability must have been there for a minimum period of time to count. The CAB and Access to Work may be able to advise you of where you stand. Maybe your GP might know something about it too? Sorry I don’t know more :frowning:

I hope you feel much better as your cold goes!

Karen x