Is this a relapse?

How do i know if i am in a relapse? Was starting to feel a lot better recently but today legs felt heavy and wobbly again and i have been very lightheaded? This has coincided with my period starting so not sure if a flare up cause by time of month and heat/ air con or a relapse havent seen ms nurse yet first apt in a few weeks

Symptoms can get worse if you’re under the weather, if it’s HOT (gosh it’s hot) or sometimes if it’s time of the month.

If the symptoms are serious or distressing then do call your MS nurse (or GP if you’re not in their system yet) to have a chat. Otherwise, take care, keep an eye on things and see what happens. :slight_smile:

If it’s a new symptom then I think technically that counts as a relapse, but don’t panic!

They won’t offer you any treatment unless it’s “bad” e.g. if you can’t walk. Feeling a bit weird won’t get on their radar. When I rang the MS nurse in a flap over what I thought was a terrifying relapse amd what she thought was pretty trivial, she was quite dismissive (but then she was new, didn’t know me, didn’t know MS was new to me…)

Hope you feel better once the heat wave buggers off and leaves us alone! x

Worried123 I’m new here wanted to say thank you for posting this question. I’m having random good and bad days with no warning that I’m aware of, I just wake up the next day feeling better than the day before and feel wow! How did I cope yesterday that was a hard day! It’s happening more and more with the heat ,I’m a bit nervous going to sleep to be totally honest not knowing what tomorrow will bring. I hope all goes well with your appointment.

It’s only a relapse if it lasts more than 24 hours. There are pseudo relapses that can make you feel weird, like you’re having a relapse, but they’re ​short duration. There’s also Uhthoff’s Phenomenon, a worsening of symptoms caused by increase in temperature. This can be a hot day, hot bath or shower, or a fever. So, yes, that time of the month can affect how you feel. Again, Uhthoff’s Phenomenon is often short duration, wearing off as you cool down.

Does anyone else find the symptoms caused by Uhthoff’s syndrome take time to wear off, even after they cool down? I was still in a bad state yesterday, when it was so much cooler. Doing better today (I think).

Update…spoke to ms nurse first time today…she was so lovely…she said she doesnt think i am relapsing but am jusr knackard! The heat…the stress of a shock possible diagnosis…the period and the weather. Under nurses orders to rest and relax!

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Not diagnosed but neuro 99% just waiting follow up mri as lasr one show dissemention in space but couldnt tell time as contrast not used…scan now brought forward as pretty sure i have relapsed…