Does this sound like a relapse?

Hi everyone,

This may sound a little bit silly but I’m unsure whether I had a relapse last night or not as I don’t know how severe relapses generally are and how long they last for. I was diagnosed in April after what the neuro said was two episodes and the position of the lesions in my brain.

I was fine all day yesterday but around 7pm I started feeling nauseous then the sole of my left foot started tingling and feeling heavy, then started burning. This feeling continued up to my knee then stopped there. However, then the left side of my face started to feel really tight as if it was being pulled and started burning, then my whole left side felt like this but my calf also felt as if someone had filled it up with cold water, I know that sounds mad. This lasted nearly an hour and was quite distressing and uncomfortable. It subsided after this time, only for my right leg to start up in the same way!! I decided to go to bed as I felt so tired and ill. I must have fell asleep as next thing I knew it was morning and the yukky feelings had dissapeared.

Since Feb. until July this year i had bad arm spasms on a daily basis which i saw neuro for. He said this didn’t sound like a relapse ( i don’t know why ) That is now controlled by Amitriptyline and has virtually dissapeared. I also had what I think was the hug from late December last year to April this year and that dissapeared on it’s own. Was that a relapse?

I’ve had quite a few weird sensations since then but nothing major ( there was one day when I could only shuffle instead of walk ) until last night. I get so confused though as to whether it is a relapse or not.

what do others think?


Hi Anne-marie, symtoms may be a prelude to a relapse, but trust me you,l know when 1 happens. In my experience they usually last weeks & although what you are describing seems scary, due to the fact they are relatively short lived (I know it doesnt feellike at the time!) Do you notice if you have any differculties in walking etc, that doesnt get better? Basically when you usually experience relapses they leave reminders like differculty in walking (not usually pronouned in the beginning) weakness in arms, you get my gist. Everyones different, but most MSers experience more deteriation during & after relapses. This doesnt usually improve. Relapses usually last for quite a time, weeks really. Hope this has helped, I know what Im trying to say but hope I havent confused you! Remember, everyones different!!! If you have an MS nurse, ask their advice, thats what they are there for. Take care & keep us posted!! Tracey xx

Hi Anne-Marie,

Medically speaking, relapses have to last at least 24 hours, so feeling yucky for a few hours is never a relapse. More likely you had just overdone things, or got a bit hot, or a bit stressed, or had a slight cold, or something you’ll never be able to work out.

Occasionally it can be an early warning that a proper relapse is on the way, but if nothing else happens, I’d just write it of as “one of those things” and not worry.

If it starts to happen more often, you might be able to notice whether there’s a pattern - e.g. is it always after doing X, or eating a certain thing. You then may be able to avoid those things you know tend to spark it.