Hi, I was dx about 9 years ago, after having problems with numbness, tingling limbs and have been fine upto recently. At the moment I have been having pains in my hip (achy), and my left leg is feeling wierd as in slight electric shocks, it doesn’t hurt, but sometimes feels like it is going to give way. It might sound strange but it is not numb to touch, but feels numb inside. Do you think this is a relapse? Also, today my left arm and hands seem to be really heavy, to a point that it is an effort to lift them. I live in the Middle East, I do not want to go to the doctors as they will have none of my medical records and it is very uncommon here. I am returning to the Uk in 2 months, so hoping it won’t get any worse until I return. I should count myself lucky really, as I have not really had many symptoms so far, but this is beginning to worry me. Thanks

don’t want to worry you Chris and obviously I’m no expert but if these are new symptoms to you then yes it sounds like a relapse. If it was a recurrence of previously experienced symptoms it could be that you just have a virus or the heat or stress is aggrevating things and you could rest and it should subside. It might be best to get it checked out - sorry x