is this a relapse?

I was wondering if anyone can advise me. I had symptoms in Jult last year with dropped foot and leg heaviness which progressed to me not being avke to bend the leg, it was like a tonne weight and no movement in foot. I recovered after 6 weeks. I was dx in Janyary this year and started rebif in May. I woje rgis morning feeling more tired than usual and my leg feels completely numb from top to bottom but I have full movement. It’s weird that I am touching and rubbing my leg but can’t feel it. Also both feet feel like they are burning but at times they are freezing cold to touch. If this is a relapse then I havenearly made it to a year! My nurse is visiting tomorrow night so I will chat to het about it. On the plus side I haven’t injected in my legs yet as I always push with my nail first and they can feel tender so I leave it for another site but I can’t feel anything so will give it a go tomorrow. Any advice is greatly appreciated x


In general any new symptom that persists for at least 24 hours is considered to be a relapse unless you have a cold/fever or an underlying infection such as a UTI. As you are seeing your nurse tomorrow night anyway just make a note of all the symptoms and discuss it with her and she will decide on the best course of action.

I know what you mean about numbness being good for injections. I have a numb patch on my upper left arm so I always choose to have my flu jab there! There have to be some bonuses to this damned condition :wink:

Take care, hope you feel better soon

Tracey x

Thankyou, being new to all this is mind boggling! When I hear relapae I imagine what I had at first and that severe. I still don’t really understand it all. I suppose it will all fit into place in time x

Hi dottydoo I had very similar symptoms to you which started last April dropped foot, heavy leg and no foot movement…mine too improved after a few weeks but I still walk a bit funny and leg feels different it also slaps a lot when walking! Especially after walking for a while…it does sound like another relapse or maybe just the old symptoms flaring up I’m new to this too so you just never know what is what with things…I’ve also suffered from that burning foot thing! to speak to ms nurse…my legs have been feeling weird the last couple of days like when you’ve had cramp and the pains gone just feel a bit weak!..I’m on avonex so hope it keeps this disease at bay… Do you still suffer any residual damage from your drop foot…I keep hoping mine will just improve and be normal again but probably not I’m just grateful it’s improved as much as it has…hope you feel better soon and symptoms subside…Emma x

Hi Emna, I still have residual symptoms from the onset last year. I tend to drag my foot and trip now and again I get numbness in BOTH legs hixh I find bizarre as my left leg wasn’t affected. Also my left leg doesn’t feel temperature. So if I have a bath, the water feels tepid no matter how hot it is. I suppose if this is a relapse, it could be worse and a repeat of last year, so I have rebif to thank hopefully. They were dark days which I do not want to re-visit as it came on from nowhere and I had a 3 week wait for an mri after being admitted to hospital for a suspected stroke or spinal prolapse of whixh I was discharged after these were ruled out. I thought I had a brain tumor and had written myself off. I have been under great stress lately as I am waitibg to hear aboyt my critical illness ckaim with legal and general. My neuro notes are wribg and state I couldn’t move for 2 days 11 years ago and had pins and needkes etc. What I did say was I was laid up! Not quite the same and was told it was a virus/trapped nerve. The whole thread is on my profile to save boring yoy lol. Anyway this has made me feel quite ill and for my own sanity I have had to shut it out until I get the outcome this week. I don’t suppose this has helped with my symptoms at all xx

Sorry about the spelling it’s my mobile the txt buttons aren’t big enough! . Dawn x

Hi dawn I couldn’t read your profile so added you to my buddy list ( but I don’t know wot that does lol) I was like you it came out of the blue had a few MRIs done brain and spine I was convinced I had something pretty nasty too!!’s pretty grim waiting on test results I was suffering major anxiety but once you know wot your dealing with it becomes a bit easier!..I been diagnosed with cis as only had 1 attack but because it was as severe neuro started me on Dmds which I’m glad of!..I trip up a lot too and limp!’s living with the uncertainty that’s the hardest part!..hope you get your insurance sorted and are not relapsing…take care Emma x

Hi Emna, i’ve added you too. Not that I know how it works lol. Thankyou for your advice, glad to know I am not alone! Thanks again and I will update tomorrow when,my nurse has been. Dawn xx

I’m 4 years in and it still takes me a little time to twig that I’m having a relapse. I’m in the midst of one which started in March and it’s the first one for 3.5 years. I have Rebif to thank for that in my opinion. I’m used to my symptoms playing up if I’ve overdone things but if I rest up and they don’t ease off or they get worse each day then I eventually realise it’s a relapse - d’oh!

Hope you feel better soon

Tracey x

Spoke to my nurse tonight and she thinks I have overdone things. We had a school trip last week and I was on the go all day. I work full time from 7.15 - 3.30pm. She said my muscles are over acting releasing chemicals hence the stiffness etc. Let’s hope she’s right x

That’s interesting. My left leg is playing up now and I was a bit more active recently because I thought I was getting better. Saw GP yesterday and he wanted to give me more steroids which I don’t want. So now he’s seeking advice from neuro because he doesn’t know what to do with me. All I wanted was a referral to physio so I could build up some stamina and check that my gait isn’t affected as it seems that my relapse has switched sides so I thought I may be compensating for what was originally the bad leg.

I work at a school too but I’m in admin. Only 5.5 weeks to go - but who’s counting eh?!!

Keep us posted, I do hope your nurse is right. Not least, because if she is, it might explain my problem too :slight_smile:

Tracey xx

Well she got my nine year old daughter to clench her fists tight and hold her arms outstretched untill it became achy and painful as my daughter asked what it was like for me. When she opened her hands and dropped her arms my nurse said the stiffness and aches she was feeling was what was happening in my legs. It was the chemicals being released making you stiff,achy etc as the fluid surrounds your joints. Makes sense to me. Hope this is the case for you xx

I hope so too. I guess it takes longer for any sort of inflammation in joints/muscles to subside for us eh?

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that one of the nurses at the hospital get back to me today. I don’t have much faith in my local nurse (plus she takes too long to get back to me as she covers a huge area and vast numbers of patients) but the nursing team at the hospital are brilliant. They also think along the same lines as me when it comes to managing this blasted condition.

I just want to build up some strength and stamina and get back to my kind of normal :slight_smile:


Let me know how you get on hun. Still like you said just under 5 weeks to go until school is out! Take care. Dawn x