Reassurance needed with leg heaviness

Hi guys, I am looking for some reassurance here. I was recently diagnosed in January and have been on rebif for 2 months 22mcg, For the lasy 2 weeks the leg that gave up on me l leading to diagnosis is playing up. (i lost all feeling in my leg, foot drop,paralysis in the leg but fully recovered). From my foot right up to my bottom feels very tight and heavy. It feels like my toes are scrunched up with shoes off or on. My calf feels really tight and my bottom feels like I have something wedged in it like padding! ( around the anus part). On top of this my skin is painful to touch on this leg, even my duvet and lovely memory foam matress are painful on contact. I have physio which is good, most importsntly I have powet in my leg snd am only scuffing my foot when wslking. I work in s school where my class is up 20 stairs so I am up and down like a yoyo so I am exercising there daily too. I saw my nurse today and she says it isn’t a relapse. Will it ease and go away. I have nearly made it to a year with hardly anything just sensory issues like temperature. I have rrms. Any reassurance/advice greatly received. Dawn x (sorry it’s long winded)

Hi Dawn,

I’m curious to know on what basis she thinks it isn’t a relapse? If it’s new symptoms lasting more than 24 hours, and not caused by an illness or infection, then it sounds pretty like one to me!

I’m afraid, even if it was a relapse, there’s no way to predict how much it will get better. Unfortunately, only time will tell.

I would make sure your neuro knows about it next time you see him, as I’m not completely convinced by your nurse’s dismissal. I think the neuro should know you’ve had something that looks a little bit like a relapse, whilst on Rebif. OK, he may agree with the nurse that it wasn’t, but I still think he ought to know.

What does the nurse reckon it is, if not a relapse? Have you been tested for a water infection? As relapses go, it might not be in the top rank of seriousness, but that doesn’t mean it’s not one.



Hi, I wonder if you are experiencing spasticity. Sometimes spasticity can evolve months after the initial damage has been done. I had an attack in 2008 which caused a lesion on my spinal cord. Nearly a year after that I started to notice tightness in my calf especially after exercise. This tightness has now got quite bad at times making lifting foot up more difficult. I take baclofen which helps a bit. I am not dx with MS yet because I have only had one attack, one lesion and a clear LP. I hope that you get it sorted soon.

Take care

Moyna x

Thanks for your replies guys. I have a gp appointment next week and he is very good on ms as he trained with my consultant when studying medicine with neurology as his main interest so I may get answers. Being new to all this is so confusing! X

hi dawn

it sounds like spasticity to me.

maybe your gp will prescribe something to help.

there’s a yoga pose called “alligator twist” that helps me with mine.

you lie on your back, raise one knee to your chest and then push that knee to one side whilst keeping the other leg flat to the floor and turn your head to the opposite side.

i also find relief by hugging both knees to my chest.

oh and singing that ian dury song “spasticus autisticus” helps because it makes me laugh.

good luck

carole x

Thankyou carole, I think so too after reading up on it. I will try it out xx