tight feet

Hi guys I have rrms but the last 4 weeks have driven me nuts! Apart from numbness and sensory issues in one leg I couldn’t really complain compared to others. Both feet started feeling tight like my toes are crushed. This feels worse with shoes on. It goes from feeling like I am walking in sand to pebbles or balls! I have power and everything is working as best as it can but the stiffness is so annoying. I was given nortriptyline 2 weeks ago 1x10mg at might but I can’t say it’s done anything. Been told it is more.likely spasticity and not a relapse by ms nurse and gp ( who trained in neurology). Symptoms staryed last july of draggong leg and foot drop. Dx january this year and been on rebif 22mcg for 3 months. Will this go? Do you think it’s the heat? Still new to all this. Thankyou for any help Ps. I go swimming once a week and have physio exercises that I do. Oh and one leg is tight too x

Hi dottydoo I have this feeling too around both legs from the knees down since December almost feels like I’ve got really tight elastic bands around them but much worse :frowning: I’m also on nortiptyline 10mg whilst it helps me to sleep it does nothing for the symptoms :frowning: Hoping that you with RR it goes for you but I’m SP and think after all this time on top of all my other symptoms it might be here to stay :frowning: In my thoughts xx it’s a horrible disease that brings so many unpleasant symptoms xx

Hi, it sounds like spasticity to me and baclofen is the drug that is usually prescribed first for that. Ask you GP as I think he can give that without permission from a nuero.

Moyna xxx

hi, it could very well be spasticity. I have had an awful crushing and pulling sensation in my right arm, hand and shoulder for 10 weeks now, Yesterday I had a dmd review with my ms nurse but the pain had got so bad and I wasn’t even getting a minutes re lief that I broke down crying in the waiting room at the hospital and my ms nurse had to get one of the neuros out of clinic to come and see me. He was firing all kinds of questions at me but I was in so much pain that I couldn’t remember dates and times. He said I was getting tonic spasms and prescribed Carbamazepine prolonged release tablets. i’ve had 4 so far and it has taken the edge of the pain but i can still feel the spasms. Boy does that tablet make you sleepy. my ms nurse is very nice, she rang me at home that evening to see how I was and she’s ringing me again Monday. I’m wondering if carbamazepine would help your toes. I have tried amitriptyline and gabapentin but they didn’t work.

Thanks everyone. I am seeing my nurse on Wednesday for a blood test so will tell her the tablets are not helping at all. Will keep you posted x