Tighter & tighter

Really starting to get to me now. I started in mid November with what I can only describe as really tight bands round my ankles, i’ve now got them round my wrists and in the middle of my right arm, as the day goes on they feel tighter and tighter. I also feel like I’ve got icy cold water running through the top half of my body but only on my right side? Weirdest feeling ever! Has anyone else ever suffered with these kind of symptoms?? This year has been my worst year ever with this disease, just hope next year’s a better one. xx

If youve suffered with the same symptoms since november, sound like a relapse to me get in touch with your MS nurse or your neurologist’s secretary, I get it in my chest area must be really uncomfortable for you getting it in your wrist, and its travelling up your arm they might offer you steroids in high dose in tablets form or IV ones.

Al x

hi there i know what your talking about with the tight band, right now i have it on the right hand side of my body from under my breast to my hip middle of front to middle of back i cant feel anything and at time it feels as though it get tighter and tighter, on my right leg feels cold and on my left leg feels hot even if i go outside , went to docs and she gave me gabapentin to try dont kno if it will work as only started yesterday hope you feel better soon

lucy xx

Al, I went to see my GP just before Christmas, I’ve been that often this last year she dosen’t bother putting my records away now!! She’s concerned due to the fact that I’ve had relapse after relapse this year & never fully recovering so she’s faxed my neuro to say I need to be seen before March go to ring her after new year to see if she can see me. I don’t bother with the MS nurses anymore there useless as far as I’m concerned - always fobbing you off or passing the book!! Lucy, The MS hug know what that feels like too had it this year more times than I care to remember. I’ve taken Gabapentin in the past but it did nothing for me unfortunatley, I hope you start to feel better soon too. Oh the joys eh Sue xx

I get them around my waist and have been told it’s’ the hug’, I seem to get them much worse when I’m tired and when I eat rich food, (such as Christmas pudding and chocolate). So it’s bad at the moment.

I have been told I could have Valium and know others on this site that use Valium and say that it helps. I hope you get some help with this soon.

Take care

Wendy x

Me too Wendy just sat crying whilst attempting to eat my evening meal had to down tools & use my fingers - so frustrating xx