New symptoms but wierd

Recently I have a couple of weird symptoms, I am SP & have been for 7 years with strength, numbness & lack of control of hands & legs. My new symptoms are a tight feeling round my stomach like I’m wearing a tight belt. The other I get at night in bed is a feeling/burning band around my ankles, very weird. My ankles & feet also swell up slightly in bed, they do swell up if I don’t have my feet up during the day.

Any ideas ?



hiya, i havent had it myself, but ive read lots about the MS hug, sounds like it,google it or search these threads, im sure u will find info. sorry tho, its horrible isnt it to have new weird symptoms xxxxx

Hi Innel

Yes, it sounds like the MS hug, a very tight band around chest or midriff. I don’t know whether it’ll continue or get better over time. For me it always used to be part of a relapse, and was something that I had quite a lot in the early days, but not so much now (18 years in). I also get very hot and swollen feet through the day which sometimes make them horribly uncomfortable at night, this is an ongoing problem though and is linked to immobility. I’ve recently seen some cooling ankle bands on Amazon that you soak in water and they cool your feet/ankles down for a few hours. I haven’t tried them yet but have put some in my shopping basket so will do soon.

Hope it gets better soon.