Weird feeling - MS hug 'light'?

Hi all, diagnosed a few weeks ago and trying to get to grips with some sympoms.

I’ve been having weakness in my left arm and some involuntary finger movements, but I’m also getting pain and tightness throughout my arm and hand. I have this strange urge/compulsion to clench my arm tightly to my body, if that makes any sense, and a tightness in the left side of my chest. I’ve read about the MS hug and it doesn’t match that fully - its not like a band around my chest, more left-sided. I’ve had a few twitches/spasms (?) in the arm too and this odd feeling that is about to do something dramatic, though it doesn’t.

It is pretty uncomfortable and distracting and I was just wondering if anyone else recognised this symptom. It is one of those ‘am I making this up?’ sensations.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Bec, don’t really recognise the sensations exactly. I get lots of jerks and twitches in my limbs, I take gabapentin which calms them down a little. If it’s really troubling you speak to your nurse or GP, there may be something to help. I’m pretty sure your not imagining it, but completely understand why you feel that way. Hope it passes soon. Laura x

Thanks Laura :slight_smile: The feeling has got more intense and widespread today. I seem to be going through a checklist of symptoms, but at least one dies down before the new one appears! x

Hi Becca, I sometimes get involuntary finger movements and my arms can get extraordinarily heavy at times, especially after a shower when I’m trying to brush my hair! I’ve also had some experience of cramping around the chest. Once I had constipation and at the same time I felt like I was wearing a tight belt too high up. I had an ultrasound and they found nothing. Another time, getting my daughter ready for school, I suddenly couldn’t draw a normal breath in and don’t think I moved oddly and pulled anything. It totally went away by the time I picked her up later. More recently, I had a spasm on my right side that made it hard to breathe but that only lasted five minutes or so. I get very twitchy legs. I’m off to see my neuro soon, for the first time. I’m hoping to be able to do something about these annoying and sometimes painful spasms. Wishing you well :heart: