A little question regarding MS hug


i have RRMS for about 15 years and for past couple of months, around my stomache area to lower back i feel tingly, a bit like pins and needles. I read about the ‘MS hug’ but people say its painful and tightening around the rib cage feeling.
I was wondering could this be like another way the ‘MS hug’ is coming out, or does it start this way.

Many thanks for taking the time reading my post and thank you for your comments.

Stay safe and strong peeps.


I’m not familiar with this this MS hug?, But years gone by i did have very strange sensation with my shoulders and upper back area, when in shower, as water hitting these areas,very strange sensation & tingly, quite odd feeling that took some getting used to?..I’m sorry not identical symptoms, but i don’t think any of us do??..
Take care Stef…

If you get the MS hug, trust me – You’ll know! What you’re feeling is just the “normal” MS.

Hi Stef,
Think tingling is just a normal MS symptom. Something I get over my whole body all the time. It’s worth asking about the MS hug though.

Had MS hug about 18 months ago. No warning, just woke up one morning. Very tight band around my chest, difficulty inhaling/ exhaling so painful I dialled 999 and was taken to hospital. Lots of tests ECG etc all normal.

Dr a few weeks later prescribed diazepam…
Think you’d know if you’re having an MS.

Stay safe.

I’ve suffered with the “MS hug” a couple of times since diagnosed…

The first time was such a confusing time, as my MS nurse was on holiday so couldn’t get hold of her… through research of symptoms I found out it was the dreaded hug which MS nurse later confirmed…

The only way I could describe it to anyone was It was almost like I was wearing a toddlers vest, so it was tight (obviously) my abdomen, my lower chest, lower back, as well as top of groin where all “numb” to touch… I mean I could feel the touch when watching or doing it myself but when someone else did it, it was similar to how I felt trying to shake off a dead leg after sitting on it… was difficult when it came to using the toilet (sorry to lower the tone) whether a #1 or #2 I could be stood/sat there for 10/15mins…

A hot soak in the bath every other night helped me unwind, relax and took my mind off it briefly. I became reliant on my inhalers due to asthma which had to be upped in dosage to help…

Although it seems like it last for ever it does go away, stress is one of the biggest triggers my MS nurse advised so try to relax