Hi everyone,

Hope someone can help with this one! For the last few days, I’ve had a new symptom, which I thought was the MS hug. It feels like a tight, burning sensation but it’s not around my ribs - it’s higher up, across the top of my chest and goes around in a band around my underarm and upper back on the left side. Does this sound the hug but in a different place??? Any suggestions/ideas welcome?



Hi Sarah, sounds like a hug to me. What I found helped my daughter was to gently massage her back and chest while she was feeling the tightness. It lasted a few days to a week and then went away as quick as it came. Hope you have someone to massage you. Linda

Thanks Linda - I’m sure my husband will be more than happy to massage my chest & back!

dallydog!! Spare my blushes lol, it’s not even lunchtime :wink: Enjoy your massage :slight_smile: X

Make sure he spends the same amount of time on the back as he does on the front. Although I guess you have to get your jollies when you can. :slight_smile:

lots of (careful) stretching helps too… another thing for your hubby to enjoy!

wendy x