twiching and numbness

Hi all, I have recently had a bad relapse and am now numb/tingly everywhere but worse is the tightness in my chest and twiching constantly (back and shoulders mostly). I’ve been to the MS relapse clinic and as usual it was a waste of time. I have ask for a referral to the Walton Centre but that appointment isn’t until Jan 16th. I’ve had numbness in my legs and arms for the last 6 years so I am used to that but my chest is horid and need help fast!! Had it for 2 weeks now with no change. I will appologise for poor english but I’m struggling to type. Cananyone suggest anything I can try toget some relief from these symptoms? Thank you in advance.

Hi there I’m sure there must be some medication that might help. MS nurse or GP might know. Hopefully someone else might be able to help you better than me Min xx

Gp has put me on gabapentin 300mg x 9/day- ms nurse was a waste of time. Just referred me to the ms relapse clinic where I saw Doogie Howser(showing my age there). After my previous relapses I have never regained feeling again so this is a little worrying as I can’t see how I can carry on with this. It’s like being in a bear hug constantly but with twitching thrown in!! Ms nurse from the Walton Centre has been in touch today but unfortunately I missed her call but I will call back tomorrow! Fingers still crossed.

Ps thank you Min.