Relapse or just MS?

About a week ago i started getting a burning/cold/trickiling sensation (hard to describe) on the right side of my scalp and on the inside of my right knee, it has been coming and going for hours at a time, but is now constant. Also my pre-exisitng symptoms (tinnitus, blurry vision and heightened sensation of the right side of tummy & back) are more pronounced than usual, it has also become sore and i’m getting shooting pains. My fatigue levels are pretty high, my mood is up and down like a yo-yo, and i cannot concentrate on anything. Also keep getting intermitinent chest pains - like the ‘hug’ i have had before, but not as severe.

I have tried ringing my nurse, only to find out she is on holiday, not that i’m sure she would be able to do much for me. GP can’t do anything except look sympathetic and offer me steroids, but i don’t even know if i’m relapsing? Any thoughts as to what’s going on and what i should do? Thank you.

Hi. I can’t answer many of your questions but I asked my neuro about the chest pains and he explained that with much of the body not working properly we use different muscles even for trivial things like balance and the strain causes chest pain. I was told this was my body begging me to rest.

Don’t know if this is applicable for you but that’s what I was told. Seems to be right, I’m trying to be kind to myself instead of the usual curses that I’m being pathetic, have always been very independent. It’s hard but worth a try.


Thank you Min for replying, I have been doing a bit more than usual lately, but have had no choice in the matter. Life can’t just stop with children. Not sure where or who to turn to? Even if I find someone to talk it all through with, there is ultimately very little they can do. It’s all making me quite miserable.