is this nerve pain?


I’ve been having a relapse for the past few weeks and was beginning to think it was passing, but today i’ve been having a horrendous sharp pain in my left shoulder (right on the top) which only lasts a few seconds and is followed by numbness in my fingers, which again only last a few seconds.

My ms symptoms are sensory changes, fatigue and muscle weakness. Is this another thing to add to my list, or something unrelated.


Jen x

Sorry to be nosy just been having a look around And noticed your post it’s the first time I’ve used this forum and have not long been diagnosed and have found that the so called specialist and my Gp have given me no information on my condition but I can relate to what you are saying,just lately I’ve been experiencing painful sensitivity in my left arm and numbness in my fingers and thumbs is this a relapse or is it just part of the symptoms?