Confused about latest relapse

Hi, this is the first time I’ve posted here. I was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting MS in 2009 and since then, my symptoms have only really affected my face (eyelid flickering, eye pain, stiff and sore facial muscles and fatigue). Generally, bar the odd flare up, I’ve felt very lucky and MS hasn’t restricted me much. Then, two weeks ago, after a couple of days of flare up, I woke with totally new symptoms - numbness and pins and needles in all fingers of my right hand, slightly tingly bottom lip and tingly big toe. On one day, I couldn’t hold a pencil as the muscles in my hand didn’t seem to do what I wanted them to, but thankfully this faded and I was just left with muscle fatigue in my right had and feint tingling in my fingers. That was two weeks ago and I thought everything was settling down and I’d had a good weekend and been very active, but this morning I have woken up to more new symptoms - tingling sensation in right foot, much worse pins and needles in right hand and most of the right hand side of my face is numb, including my lips and teeth and gums. I’m also ever so slightly dizzy when I move suddenly and generally feeling very sorry for myself, especially as I do a lot of craft work and my hand feels too uncomfortable to hold my tools. Is this a separate relapse or were the symptoms I had two weeks ago a ‘run up’ to what I have now, with a little break in between? I was seeing a neurologist but have been taken off his records as I missed an appointment after giving birth two years ago. My GP sent a re-referral letter a fortnight ago, but I still don’t have an appointment and if it’s anything like the first time I was diagnosed, I think I’ll be waitng a long time! Would just like some thoughts as to what is going on with my symptoms and is it ‘normal’ to have a couple of occasions of new symptoms within a fortnight of each other? Thanks for reading.

There’s nothing ‘normal’ about the condition, which makes any and all new symptoms and their frequency normal for the disease, if that makes sense?x