Newby - quick question about symptoms

Hi all Sorry if this has been covered before I’m new to this forum stuff and maybe not filtering things too well. Just a question about symptoms - I have had some intermittent numbness patches and patches of what feels like bruising but no marks on skin - the skin just feels tender even with clothing or touch. At the moment I am intermittently getting the feeling of sharp pain in my fingers and toes. A bit like a needle sticking in but only last a second if that. Do you only get these types of things during a relapse or are these more minor problems there on and off all the time? I feel pretty well at the mo apart from some leg stiffness particularly after sleeping or sitting. I am not diagnosed as yet have some lesions on brain mri and had sudden onset double vision and squint but am awaiting my follow up with neuro - was told was probably ms at my last one. Thanks for the support.

Hi Jules,

I’m afraid, like so many things with MS, the answer is: “It depends”.

Some people are lucky enough to recover completely from relapses - especially early in the course of the disease - with no lingering symptoms.

However, as time goes on, there’s an increasing likelihood of some residual symptoms that never quite clear up - and some people are like that from the start.

Remission is relative - it just means better than during a relapse. It doesn’t (necessarily) mean completely fine, and no idea you’re ill. Most of us live with some day-to-day niggles or things not working quite right, even between relapses. Sometimes they are more serious than “niggles”. I think, because the most common form of MS is called “relapsing remitting”, people sometimes have an unrealistic expectation that they’re suppose to feel absolutely fine during remission. The reality is that even people who do very well are likely to have some reminders they’re still not well.


Hi Jules and welcome to the forum, I can’t add anymore as Tina has explained it all perfectly. Hope you get some answers very soon. Take care. Janet x

hi my name is marie and ive just been diagnis is it normal to feel like im in limbo waiting to start treatment

Hi Marie

Welcome to the forum. Anything is normal at diagnosis. Take each day as it comes and be kind to yourself.

It’s probably best to start your own thread and people will notice you more. You will probably get more replies then.

If you give a little more information about what your symptoms are and how many relapses you have had we can advise you about the likelihood of you being offered treatment. In the meantime you could have a look at the msdecisions website for information about the treatments commonly offered.

Tracey x

Hi Thanks for all the replies and support - Tina thank you for the advice about symptoms. I’ve found the whole experience slow and am starting to understand why people call this being in limbo and think I just have to realise finding answers takes time. I have read up more on the forum and as you say everyone seems to have different experiences with ms. Keep well everyone xx Jules