Can anyone relate to this

I had a really bad relapse about 13/14 years ago where I lost use of my body from the chest down. Things were really difficult for me at the time as I had a young baby and a toddler to care for not easy I can tell you. It lasted for about 18 wks however I never fully regained full feeling in my legs - they always felt heavy/numb but now just recently on top of the heaviness/numbness I can only describe it as having rubber bands wrapped around the bottom of my legs!! Strangest feeling ever, been like this a couple of days now and wondered if anyone else ever had a simillar/same feeling. I don’t pester the docs with every sympton otherwise I’d never be away from the surgery. Thanks xx

Yes I get this, but I just get it in one leg, my right which is the side most affected, mine is in my thigh, and I described it, as feeling like someone was tightening a belt and pulling tight, bloody hurts, and I get a burning feeling with it.

Jean x

hi funny u should mention this I was just on the phone to my sister n said to her my right knee (just under the kneecap) feels like there’s an elastic band on my leg it making my lower buzz/like I’ve got goose bumps with out having them I’m not dx but GP concerned enough today to push my referral thro faster hope u feel better soon Lou :slight_smile:

Thanks all don’t think it helps with my damn legs feeling so blumming cold. X

This is interesting as just lately I’ve been saying it feels as if I’m wearing tight hairbands on my wrist!

And I thought the MS hug was bad enough, this is the weirdest feeling ever x