could this be a relapse

hi all

first of hope everyone had a nice christmas

ok for the past four or five days on the left side of me from under my breast to my hip on the right hand sod middle of front to middle of back is all numb feels like a tight feeling so horrible

then on my left side going from my hip down my leg has a hot feeling to me like i know this might sound funny but its the only way i can explain this , when i sit on the toilet half the seat feels cold and the other half feels warm

my left leg feels as though its cold but to touch the skin they both feel the same

really dont know what side feels right as this is on both sides but different places

lucy xx

Sorry, but yes, it sounds like a relapse. Best to see your GP / phone your MS nurse - get it on your file. Plenty of rest now, if you can. Karen x

thanks karen i thought as much but wasnt too sure , im going to see my gp today , do you think i should call my neuro to let her know aswell

lucy xx

Wouldn’t hurt, but don’t be surprised if you get an answer phone - bad time of the year to get sick! :frowning: Kx

been to docs and she does think its a relapse she has giving me Gabapentin ,

if i was to get any worse ive just to let them know and they will send for an mri ,

hopefully tabs help

lucy xx

Take your time building up the gabapentin dose - it can cause side effects and going too quick makes these worse.

I hope it works :slight_smile:


will do karen and heres hopeing too as last 5 days have been crap anything better than feeling like this

thank you

lucy xx