Muscle stiffness after less exercise

Morning all

I’ve been finding that weight training helps me keep moving, but luckily things have picked up a lot at work and I’ve had to ease off training.

As a result, my traps (shoulder blades and above) and upper legs are very stiff and sore. I’ve not had any spasticity before but have experienced new symptoms the last 11 months or so, and I was wondering if this could be the start of it, and if I was keeping it at bay whilst training somehow

Good morning MrsChicca

I practise yoga and if I can’t attend a class I do some basic stretches at home. I notice that if I miss out for a few days then everything begins to seize up (my legs especially). As soon as I start stretching again the pain subsides. All I know is that yoga helps so, for as long as possible, I’m going to keep doing it.


Fantastic, thank you. I think there’s a local yoga place that has stretching classes on Mon and Fri, so I’ll go this Friday. The pain I woke up with today is horrible, feels like my head’s in a vice because shoulders and neck are so tight. Lower back and upper legs are tighter too, but I have some reduced sensation there so it’s not painful, just stiff.

Very weird disease is MS, it can’t seem to decide what it wants to do.

It is strange. I think anything that gets us moving helps. I found yoga helps by accident. I was determined to give it a try and when I went to my first session my legs were really achy and I really didn’t feel like exercising. Then at the end of the session I realised that they didn’t feel so bad. So I became hooked and now whenever they hurt I stretch. I’m mean to my legs because the more they hurt, the more I stretch them lol.

Tracey x