Yay, I've lost a stonne :-)

I’m so pleased that I’ve losta stonne

I’ve been having a prety rough time health wise and personally but I have stuck to the healthy eating and last night after 5 weeks I reached my 1 stonne weight loss, (talk about determined little bugger ).

I’m so pleased because I’ve got my LP on the 15th and I wanted to try and do something for myself and hopefully make it less stressfull on my body.

Maybe I can loose another 5lb by then too…hope so.

Mandymoo xx

Well done Mandymoo - good for you! Teresa xx

Well done that’s impressive in just 5 weeks Xx

Well done that’s fantastic. It’s a great attitude to have - you’re an inspiration.



Congratulations that’s amazing a whole stone BRILLIANT keep going Hugs Min

Well done Mandymoo

but you have given that stone to me and i don’t want it! Lol!!

Teresa. x

Well done! a stone in 5 weeks is impressive!

I have gained a stone and more since I have been ill but now I am better I need to tackle it before it gets out of control!

I think you may have inspired me to get off my dimply old arse and do it! :slight_smile:

A.R.S.E :wink: