Hi all, I’ve not been on for a while but I’ve been reading the posts. I don’t know if you remember but I have been losing weight doing the Terry Walls diet and incorporating it into the weight watchers proponents. I have just got to goal tonight after losing 5 St 8 lbs. Well happy x

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Well done you! I have about 5 stone to lose so maybe I should do the wahls diet. X

Well done Lisa that’s a great achievement.

Jan x

WoW Lisa! well done you.

I lost 7 stones with WW about 20 years ago! Then I regained it with HSP…still thinking about dieting…if weight could be lost with thoughts, I`d be weightless!

Yeh, good lass…I know how much hard work is involved.

luv Pollx

Well done to you i know how hard it is to lose it . I hope you manage to stay on track and keep the weight off.

Take care Katy

Congratulations :slight_smile:


Thank you everyone, I am so happy