The wahls diet

Anyone read this or heard of it? Does it help at all?

curious :slight_smile:

If you go to page Two of this Forum you will see a thread titled The whals protocol.

Jan x

Thanks Jan x

Hi Alysea,

I have been doing this diet since Feb 2013, it was very hard at first as it is very restrictive but i have worked out mostly what i can have that i like so i mainly stick to these foods. I still now am finding out what i can and cant have. The one good thing is that i have lost 69lbs so far, i go weight watches which before this diet i wasn’t really getting anywhere but now i make this diet work with the points system.

I dont really know if it is doing anything as i have ppms and im still getting worse but would i have been even more if i wasn’t doing it , i just dont know! But losing this weight is definitely a bonus



I’m doing ww too mind sharing what you eat? I find out on 2nd sept my dx and which type and I need to lose some weight x

thanks lis x

Lol, my a didn’t work, my name is Lisa, most of my diet is filling & healthy but i found that the 49 weeklies wasn’t enough for the food i had to point so i count them instead, some days i dont use my daily allowance & some days i go into my weeklies it just depends.

No diary, no gluten, no grains & no legumes.

I have coconut milk which i have to point, a cup of coffee i say is 1point. I eat almonds, walnuts, raisins, dried apricots and dates. Loads of fruit & veg, olive oil, coconut oil, fish, meat but i haven’t had an egg since i started this diet, you can have 2 egg yolks a week but not together so not sure what i can do with 1 egg yolk so not had 1. Have found some chocolate i can have (willies chocolate) & they range from 6 to 9 points each.

I do miss bread but that’s a definite no_no. & obviously no cake or biscuits.

I can have wine & i have rum & gingerbeer though not very often ( nearly tea total) found that whiskey made me feel like i got something crawling all over me so i keep away from that.

Eating out can be hard but some places i know what i can have. Fayre &square pubs i have either the steak or gammon, chips or jacket potato with salad ( no tomotoes though) .

If you need anything else then please message me, though i will tell you now im not very technically minded so bear with me


Hi, I’m on an anti-inflammatory diet which I think is nearly the same as whals. It’s not a diet as such the anti-inflammatory. I have no gluten, wheat or dairy. There is gluten free bread available. I eat fish, poultry, lots of fruit and vegatables. Nuts, dried fruit, goats and sheeps cheese, eggs. Basically as little processed food as I can. Yes it does mean cooking from scratch but that’s fine I make food in bulk to last me a few meals. I chop my food sitting at the table. It can be tricky eating out but there is normally a salad I can eat.

Hi Lenney,

Yes it sounds very similar to the Wahls diet but on this one you cant have any grain at all so although there is gluten free bread i still cant have it as its made with some kind of grain

My daughter found a yoghurt yesterday that was made with coconut milk but it also had tapioca starch in it so i couldn’t have it ( no soya either) .

The Wahls diet is hard to follow but so far im managing


Filling and healthy I have ready brek with Nutella warburtons thins with dairy free spread and ham dinner I have crumpets with poached egg and beans drinks I have sugar free or water but off it at moment holidays I’ll start again soon I subsitute bread for bar burtons thins.

Hi so the wahls diet you can’t have any grain. Can you have seeds and nuts? I was thinking about making some bread out of ground sunflower seeeds as these are cheaper than ground almonds or almond flour.

I found a receipe online for sunflower bread. It apparently when the bread is toasted goes well with a poached egg. I was also thinking may be the bread would go well with very thick stewed plums and used like a jam. Yum toast and jam.

One thing that you can make bread from is Sweet Chestnuts.

It used to be quite common in SW France - but don’t ask me how to do it.


Yummy Yum sweet chestnut bread sounds nice. Found this recipie for Paleo Almond and Chestnut Crusty Bread…