Wrongly thought off

Yet another old gent has passed away in our village, like many I’ve known over the years, men who I spoke to, drank with, men I would have said, “they were okay guys”, not so the families, they had different memories, it only comes to the surface now that these men were conscripted, handed a gun and told to kill or be killed, at the end of WW2 they were turn out back in their community with nothing but the clothes they had on, no help offered, or given, what had they seen, the horrors, bodies blown to bits, the pals killed quickly, or died slowly, the atrocities committed, they had no choice, join up or be classed as a coward, nothing like the “heroes” of today who join up voluntarily and get all help required, these men, who if truth be told, had been harsh with the families, drunk, nasty, but, was the drinking a way to escape the memories of the war, folk, we, are all to quick to condemn without knowing the full story, may these men all rest in peace now, Brian

havent they been given posthumous pardons?

think I saw something about that.

too late for most, but helpful for some families.

sad justice