Remembering all those who gave their lives…thank you x

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So many died for us, words aren’t good enough for our thanks.



You must have been watching BBC2, what a lovely way to remember them all. Makes me realise that life isn’t that bad, well when I’m on a good day.

i agree, thank you all you brave soldiers.

Hi All,

I volunteer for a HM Forces Charity and the MS Society.

I would like to thank everyone, for your support for our veterans of both world wars, past and current conflicts.

A big thank you.

Hope you did not “trip up” when the light went out !!


Lights out was brilliant, had my candle from the British legion on, and even my husband and son who went to the pub, made them turn the lights out. Well done to you for your efforts with both charities.

Good day, the men who died in the great wars volunteers, or were mostly conscripted, they were shot as cowards if they showed any sign of weakness, were led by fools who believe in queen and country, were led to believe the wars were a jolly outing, they were, and are, true heroes, the army as then, excepted anyone regardless of age, how many kids died for what was believed, and for what, and after both great wars, returned to normal life with no help, not like today, then, the men, and families were left to get on with life themselves, YES, we have big thank you’d to those true heroes, Brian

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Just ordered one of the ceramic poppies from the Tower installation… I used to work where they are making them all (inthe kitchen and directors diing room, nothing creative though!)

The armed forces deserve nothing but my admiration, but the polititians (and Royal Houses of Europe) who led us into the needless slaughter are beneath contempt.

A senseless waste of human life.

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