I have just been reading in the newspaper some of the accounts of the D-Day veterans of seventy years ago. It was very humbling, and I’m not often given to tears but it made me cry. It’s not about celebrating war or victory, but about remembering those selfless individuals who didn’t come back, those who came back broken and scarred, and those who have lived all these years with the horrors they endured. I salute you.

Agree with you and remember one of our old friends (pilot,such charming chap who died a couple of years ago)

They have my total admiration and thanks.

Pam x

Pam echos my feelings.

I salute them …

Emma x

For our tomorows, they gave their today, bless ya all

stay safe all that can!! Julien,

I volunteer for the HM forces charity, SSAFA, and have dealt with a number of WW2 veterens, they like to think that the “Hero’s” are the friends who never returned, and consider it an honour to meet every year in france. Even with the normandy association dis-banding, I get the impression they will still continue their annual meetings. You will always get a friendly joke and conversation while in their company, they nearly always keep a code of silence when pressed about the bad times but the good times, you can’t stop them talking !!