How lucky are we!

Sat here watching BBC2 100th anniversary of the start of WW1, hot lucky are we not to have to go through what all at the time had to. Makes you realise just how fortunate we are to live now, and for what they done for us. Many thanks to one and all.


Some very poignant thoughts on this most sombre of anniversaries…However,if I could be who and what I was 25 years ago,I’d take my chances and go back a further 75 years to be out of this constant and worsening pain that the NHS has no interest in.

That may be very glib of me but I wonder if you’ll join me in the MS Volunteers


Well said Billpat 1 I totally agree.It is so easy for us no matter how much pain and disablity we have to suffer to forget the suffering and misery that they suffered on our behalf .

Imagine having this pain and misery and having to dig out and live and fight in a trench, cos no one believed you were in pain.


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