the front page headline of todays mirror was a lovely story about a WW2 veteran who wasnt allowed out of his nursing home to visit france for the D-Day commemoration.

he escaped and made it to france.

just like the novel “the 100 year old man who climbed out of a window and disappeared”

i understand that the nursing home has a duty of care but how can anyone refuse a request from an elderly veteran.

he’s back home safely now.

well done bernard!!

carole x

Just saw it on the news. Well done that man!


That’s amazing Glad he made it x

well done indeed,but i do think the home could have arranged for him to go somehow,instead of him having to ‘escape’ bless him.

J x

Age is no barrier for determination! sometimes ya got to do, wot ya gona do!! just wished i cud buy that man a beer!!

wot a star!! Julien