cowardly? I think not!

Yesterday I watched a tv programme `Homes for Heroes``.

Kirsty was showing some houses to a couple, who had both served in war zones. The man had come home without his legs.

They viewed a barn conversion, which was just the job. Then they viewed a cottage, which they both loved. It had a narrow, steep staircase and Kirsty and the wife thought it would be difficult for the chap to cope with (so why did kirsty show it at all?)

Anyway, the man said he thought it would be cowardly not to try living in a 2 storey house.

Cowardly!!! Kirsty and I, were reduced to tears at this word. A soldier losing his legs fighting for his Queen and country, then successfully being rehabilitated to the stage of looking at property, is not my interpretation of the word cowardly…dont you agree?

This bloke managed to get up the stairs on his stumps. Dunno how he got down. Then it showed him going up the stairs with his false high tech legs on. Amazing…and humbling. Bless his heart!

Talking about false legs etc, an old friend of mine, had lost a leg working as a prison officer. She was beaten up by inmates and then she had a stroke, leaving her with just one good arm.

She was invited to her favourite niece`s wedding and was very excited about going. Then she was asked to go with her false leg (which rubbed her so sore, she stopped using it), as they didnt want wheelchairs in family photos!

Chuffin` cheek, eh? She didnt go to the wedding.

luv Pollx

As if someone asked that. I mean, asking if they could stand for a few photos maybe, but not for her to be in pain all day to suit them.

That must have been sad for your friend poll. The mentality of some people never ceases to amaze me. xx