the untouchables

Hi all! I was just reading through jaki`s replies re disabled people being treated badly. It prompted me to post about something which happened on Friday.

I was in town with 2 of my carers. 2 of us were waiting on a corner whilst t`other lass went to an atm.

A drunk came up to me and said, `Can I have a ilft darlin`?` Quickly I replied, `Not today luv, me knees are sore`. As he spoke he placed one of his hands on my shoulder and the other on my forearm. Then he looked at my companion, removed his hand to point at her and said,  `Excuse me, while I talk.....` at that point he placed a hand just to the left of my bust and looked lecherously at a split second, I thought `Where is he going to touch me next? is he going to kiss me?` So I looked right at him and said in a clear no-nonsense voice `DON`T TOUCH ME!` and glared at him.

He instantly withdrew his hand and his faced changed into a horrific grimace and then he muttered some incomprehensible words,`Ahhgghh........` and off he went.

Phew, was I glad he didn`t get nasty and went on his way to annoy someone else. I thought to myself, `Imagine having THAT come home for his tea and wanting a fumble`. ugh!

My carer was dumbfounded, but the other one (sis) arrived back and said she would`ve given him a mouthful if she`d witnessed what he did.

It seems the rotten old drunken chuffs think we are there for their amusement, eh?

luv Pollx

Poll that's just awful. Good for you for being so assertive. Nasty old drunk! 

Pat xx

How about shouting at the top of your voice:



That’s horrible Poll. Glad you got rid of him sharpish and that you’re OK.

Love Teresa xx

Thats really horrible Poll- When we went to Download festival a couple of years ago we were trying to get out of the field with 10,000 other people, hubby just couldnt push me in the chair it was mental- i;d gone into a weird shake all over thing that i couldnt control so held on to the chair and pottered along behind it just as we got out a 'Lady' turned round and said to me if your not going to use that chair -give me a push im Knackered- i have never seen people launch them selves verbally at someone so quickly in my life - i had defenders coming from all angles- she got completely slated, for every ignorant idiot there are a thousand brilliant people



Thankyou fror all your kind replies. yes, thank heavens he didn`t do anything worse.

luv Pollx

Oh Poll that sounds awful. You dealt with it very well.

Years ago I had my bum felt in Italy and was to scared to say anything - I vowed it would never happen again.

Years later in London on the tube at rush hour a man touched my bum - this time I shouted so the whole carrige could hear 'get 

your hand off my bum' then I turned to the man on my other side and said 'Simon, hit him!' ( I didn't know the man

I just made a name up.)  The whole carriage laughed and the man who touched me could not move as the train was packed. He just ran

for it when the doors opened at the next station!!    Lets hope he never did it again.

We all need to stand up to people sometime.

Jen xx