Shocking/sad/interesting article on the abuse some of us can receive

Hi all

I just read this article in the Guardian about the abuse that thos of us with disbilities can receive. It includes a link to an interesting survey which showed that two thirds of Brits avoid someone with a disability -

Thankfully I’ve never been on the receiving end of anything like this - I live in Sheffield and we’re obviously a friendly bunch here, people are generally very helpful (though interestingly it’s rarely white Brits who ask if I want them to give me a push in the wheelchair when I’m going up a hill). But I do feel like I need to tell people that I work, and it’s a worrying sign of the times if things like this become more worrying.


Thanks for showing this Dan; good article but it is a shame it has to be written.

Right wing views do not change; to take it to the extreme Hitler wanted to exterminate anyone who was disabled. With this Government advertising the rare person who is playing Golf or running the line at a football match we are all getting tarred with names like spastic, cripple, scum, scrounger.

The truth is as it says in the article 0.5% are abusing the benefit system. Thankfully there are articles like this that point to the truth; unfortunately the plonkers who abuse the disabled only read The Sun or Daily Mail.


Hi Dan This is truly shocking. I’m glad I’ve never seen anything like this! I just get the inconsiderate people when they’re shopping who nearly mow me down with their trolleys or who expect me to step aside for them when I’m struggling with my stick! I am sure other people have worse anecdotes to relate than this? Teresa xx

Yes its getting worse, i get lots of dirty looks when i am using my wheelchair,when out shopping,and god help me if i happen to stand up,i have heard people talking about me as if i am faking it, but i have had to put up with it for years, some my own family and so called friends, think i fake it, how sad is that.

jaki xx

Well, this is not exactly new.

Almost 20 years ago, a study at the University of Portsmouth showed that the population at large will go out of their way to avoid someone with a facial disfigurement. The disfigurement was just make-up, and I remember the presentation on account of its clever methodology.

My pet hate is that group of people who try and walk between me and my walking stick.
The next hate is that group of people who rush to get past me, get in front, and then stop to look in a shop window. They just don’t seem to be aware that I cannot stop quickly without losing my balance - but then I am in their way, so why should they care?

And if this is just for someone with a stick - how are they going to behave to someone with a wheelchair?

There are some good people around who will open doors, or hold them open, but I personally think that they are in a minority - the average citizen does not even notice someone with a disability. Why should they, after all we are not normal, are we? There are several neurological conditions (not just MS) that have the victims staggering as they walk - must be too much to drink! We know better, but they don’t. Some will learn - but most won’t.

OK, rant over.


Hi Dan.

Thanks for posting this ,i new things where bad but did not think it was this bad.

On reflexction i try not to go out,as sadly people who see a wheelchair user dont even look or talk to you, but will talk to the person that is with you.

Some even go out of there way to make life hard for us…

Sad state of affairs.

Take Care All.



lf anyone takes me out in the wheelchair - we usually manage to bump into the back of someones ankles. When some ones pushing you

they do not make allowances for the foot rests sticking out. l have had a few ‘dirty’ looks from unfortunate folk. Trouble is when someone steps in

front of the wheelchair without seeing you.

Yesterday, l took my two dogs out for a long walk with me on my Tramper. We went through a ford and up a bridleway. On the way back l noticed a

car with three lads pushing it. lt was obviously water-logged from driving too fast through the ford. You should have seen their faces when l came

splashing through with my scooter {and two large rottweilers} The lads were all smoking ‘herbal roll-ups’ - My dogs are extremely friendly - so as we

got near to the lads l told the dogs to ‘Steady, Steady, Leave’ - trying to make out they were vicious. Well you never know - l did not want my Tramper


But on the whole - l have found most folk very helpful - although if being pushed in a w/chair - people do tend to speak to the ‘pusher’ as if you can

not answer for yourself.


ps. How did l know the roll-ups were ‘herbal’ - Well the smell gives it away. Even the dogs were having a good sniff!!

The Tories always delight in punishing the poor and disadvantaged, but this time they can only do so with support from the principal lite Liberal Party. Protecting the financial speculators is their priority, as they fund this disgusting Government.

Who on earth voted for them?

Just read the article. It’s so sad that this is happening. Feels like society is regressing. The tories and the tory press are an utter disgrace. I went to the Hardest Hit gathering at city hall London. There were some really good speeches but the turnout was a bit dissapointing, particularly with respect to younger people, I am 28 and felt pretty young there.

Really want to find ways to make people hear our voices so they can maybe have some insight and understanding.