Non disabled people just dont get it do they........

I wrote this blog as i am fed up of feeling caged in mainly down to the inadequacy of local authority and manufacturers who seem hell bent on making our lives even more hard work to cope with.

Perhaps you can add to it, and share your experiences with “how to get around the shops” or local town without loosing your sanity lol.

Obviously others may have more positive experiences but it would be nice to see another side of the coin.

Try being disabled for a day and not feel excluded from normal life……

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Spot on CC. All of the shops on one side of town have big steps. Some shops pack their isles. I tend to plough through them making no apology. “The space is too narrow” being my excuse.

i have blogged long and hard about this sort of thing.

Between October and May, a very keen GCSE student used me as a guinea pig for her wheelchair rain cover design. She was very sweet and her Nan was charming. She had great ideas and it shows how something can be done by working with the right people.

As a hardened northerner, I just get wet and swear.

Your piece is a superb summary.


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Thanks steve, i hope you can join one of your pieces about the same thing to mine, the more we complain perhaps the more people might just get it and realise that we do have special needs, we are not like them. I have upper body weakness and folding back things, and zipping them up etc is hard work for me, i can barely put a normal zip up for myself.

did the you girl sort out her rain cover?

There was a young lad on here who was asking about disabled aids. He was doing it for his A levels I think.

But feel free to add any of yours to mine, i often read your blogs they are really good and northerner straight from the hip lol. x

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Nice one CC. Those wierd bollards - never seen any like that!! I’d say they aim to stop cars, yet allow bikes. i would send that pic to the council and complain that its stops your access. I would sell that scooter cover thing. Invest instead in a good raincoat and waterproof leggings. They are a better bet. Not to mention less like a walking tent. The scooter: did you try before you bought it? I know I used ones with Shopmobilty. Soon realised a scooter wd not work for me - cannot grip and hold that grip for long with the right hand, so the going forwards control would be a bummer. I would not get thru that gate either, even with a Trekinetic. How to get around town: look on googlemaps. Use street view, see where the pavements are. Learn to judge WIDTH of yourself plus scooter, near me theres a place where the pavement narrow and then a lampost…so basically I avoid it by crossing road. Twice. As I said to partner yesterday - THAT (3 ins kerb) is not a dropped kerb. Shorter is not always best. The dropped kerb picture? Believe me, I’ve seen worse! And been on them. But my partner did manage a coup. There is a large family round the corner, live next to a cut thru with dropped kerbs. They must have about 5 cars and its a small street, so 9 times out of 10 it was blocked. Bit of a pain, but not end of world. Partner complained to the council. they came along and painted yellow hatching. Problem solved! I must add we are not the only wheelie’s in the street, there are a number of adapted bungalows here. i have had speaks with various vans, who by parking badly, meant I could not squeeze BETWEEN them!

hi hun yeh i check map but there is only so many ways you can go lol. I did try the scooter but we didnt go into the park as the guy was in a rush. it was ok, but after using it a bit i found it hard on me, and even both my daughters agree its not suitable they think i am too light for. both of them are big girls but i am just over 10 stone. actually the company took the top back, as they realised themseves it was partly thier fault as the ENGINEER actually fitted it and he did it wrong lol, so what chance did i have. I am seeing another scooter tomorrow a small one which is all i need really as long as i am safe and i can get out into town. my daughter is going to be here so she will make sure its all ok for me. Yeh those bollards are mental are they not? and they dont stop bikes, only odd shaped people ha ha. xx