hello everyone i’m new i’ve really enjoyed every ones posts ,but felt i really need some where to moan where people will understand me , sorry this is such a long post . i started college this september, although i had the qualifications to study at degree level i thought i would break myself in gently and study at a less advanced level to see how i coped physically with the challenge of attending college etc whilst having ms. i have been so utterly dissapointed in the college and the help available for people with disabilities. they spout understanding but unless your disability is obvious ie great stonking wheel chair the help is non existent . i don’t expect jo bloggs to understand what my problems are but i went to the disabled student advisory service at the college and explained that there were only 3 disabled parking spaces near my building and yet there seem to be far more disabled people than parking spaces .she asked me what my problem was if i didn’t need a wheel chair, i explained kindly that not only people in wheel chairs had disabilities , and my disability is less obvious(great big lie ), i shake like a leaf use a stick and my foot drags, but she didn’t notice!!! anyway i told her i couldn’t get to my class if i couldn’t park near the building, her suggestion unbelievably was to suggest that perhaps i should invest in an electric wheelchair, i tried to explain that i don’t feel ready for a wheel chair because although i can’t walk far i can still walk, then she suggested maybe thats my problem and i’m not accepting my condition and did i want counselling ,i WANTED to say i don’t want f …ing counselling i want a parking space but i just gave in now i don’t know what to do because i really can’t get to my lessons without parking close by , what can i do??? thanks so much everyone sorry for such a long first post

Hi Mully, You should take this further as it is discrmination.[mildly but still dicrimination] This women was she the princapil at the collage,if not that is your next move. If that fails then take it to your MP, the council that funds the collage or local paper or radio station. Just dont take no for an answer. I wish you good luck in your stuggle. Take Care. Chris.

OMG - I’m not going to put what I’m thinking because it would involve a lot of putting **** instead of words! That is so unbelievably thick of that woman to suggest that even though you can walk you should be using a wheelchair, how dare she!! Definitely take this further - as you say, the lack of a reasonably placed parking space is impacting on your ability to attend lectures. As Chris has suggested, sic your MP on them if you don’t get anywhere with the college faculty. I work for Aberdeen University, and they can’t have been more helpful and understanding of my needs, and from what I’ve seen, they are the same with students who need to be accommodated differently - not every educational establishment is as obtuse as your college seems to be. Hope you get it sorted, Luisa x

First practically you need to get in touch with your ms nurse or neuro and get them to explain why distance might be a problem for you spelling out exactly what ms is. Then present it with a request for a parking spot nearer where your tuition takes place. Remind them of the needs of the disabled, that you yourself are disabled, have medical evidence and that access issues were highlighted as being of priority to students before you decided to study with them. Also explain your needs are paramount because if theyre not met you cannot complete your course. In other words, your disabled, your proving it, you have needs which need fulfilling and if not why not because you need to complete your course with them otherwise they are discriminating! Good luck, bren x

Hiya Yes it’s a bit of a grey area; who do you complain to? Apart from all the good suggestions you have received I suggest a letter to our lovely PM; Mr Cameron would not go amiss. These colleges come under the Equalities Act so should make ‘reasonable adjustments’ see Disability rights: Education - GOV.UK Also get in touch with ‘Access to Work,’ not strictly their problem but they will tell you the best action to take. Access to Work: get support if you have a disability or health condition: What Access to Work is - GOV.UK Good luck George