rant at people attempting to treat me like I am an idiot

Sorry folks but i need a rant. I have had a few occasions over the last week with people stating they are ‘disability’ friendly’ and finding out they don’t have a clue. The final thing was this morning went for an interview with one of the local university’s regarding a part time evening course. I had discovered that because I get DLA I could get the course for free so thought that this was quite good as i have never got anything like that before, but hey it had it’s consequences. I went into the interview and the first thing the university lecturer said was I thought you where disabled , I then said did you expect me to crawl in here. MS conditions can be invisible, but they are still there, serves me right but trying to go smartly dressed should have worn a sack cloth. She then said that the course would take 12 hours out of my week , she then proceeded to tell me of this gentleman that was on last year’s course with MS, I then had to stop her and tell her my MS didn’t affect me in that way but no still treating me like a small child rather than a 51 year old woman. She lectured me also to go speak to the disability service provided, now that didn’t make me feel great as the same department where not very helpful when i was trying to find out locations for interviews etc. Her parting shot was how do you cope with winter my previous student liked the summer but not the winter, I informed her that I coped better in the winter, she also tried to explain fatigue, and again didn’t have a clue. Sorry rant finished

You are so right, they do need educating, you can really lose heart when treated this way. Hope you feel better for getting it off your chest. So next time are you going in with a bandage on your head and a plaster cast, ? it would certainly stop these daft questions and assumptions. S :wink:

I know it is really annoying when people don’t “get” MS but truthfully if someone said to you they had Brown-Sequard syndrome how much would you know? There are so many conditions that cause disability that I really don’t see why every lay person is expected to be an expert in MS. We have trouble understanding it!!! :? Don’t let understandable ignorance get to you and she actually sounds a bit more clued up than those annoying dills who say that if you removed all your fillings you would be fine! Good luck with your Uni course :smiley: B x

Oh, I’m sorry you were treated so badly. I had a whole different experience although my course wasn’t free. I saw the Inclusion officer at Edge Hill uni and the whole team were fantastic. The got me to complete DSA forms and from there I was assessed. I received lots of practical support, computer, trolley bag, book gramt, voice recorder, internet costs back, ink for printer, money for books, specially designed comp chair, mentor support and I probably could have got a cuddly toy if I’d wanted. Everyone was very discreet and didn’t talk down to me and treat me like a second class citizen nor idiot. I’m sure there were other things too but can’t think off top of head. I would complain to their inclusion service, hopefully they are different people than the ones you have seen. I wish you lots of luck with it and hope your outcome is as good as mine. Incidentally, I passed with 1st class honours. Kindest regards Julie xx

well folks i did calm down and even laughed at it, as my son says she dug a hole and instead of stopping she dug some more. But as my late mum used to say plenty of intelligence but no common sense , and a little training on how to say hello to people wouldn’t go amiss.