There's always someone worse off.......

Hi all Just seen a guy on BBC news with ‘locked in syndrome’ and it really humbled me. He and his wife were wonderful. The extent of his disability was dreadful. Yet, he still managed to laugh and his wife said that despite it all, he was a ‘happy’ person. She was a carer extraordinaire. They were both an inspiration and made me feel that I ought to be content with my lot in life. Anyway, just wanted to share. Teresa xx

I have seen a lot of adults and children who are a lot worse of than me i volunteerd at a special school for my 1st childcare course and saw children with PMLD who could not stand walk or talk almost comatose just lying there showingf no reaction to anything external to them.

It is a really sad sight and after seeing things like that and other things including the paralympics that keep me going and think like you said no matter how bad I feel, it could be worse

yes you have to take that into consideration I know when i get the sad eyes from someone it is my first response but then i also don’t want pity , I know it could be worse so try getting on with it saying that my swearing has worsened

Yeah that guy was definitely inspirational… was beautifull to see him so happy depite everything. He was just so grateful to still be alive with his famly. Think more people definitely need to heed his example. Amazing :slight_smile:

At the risk of making myself very unpopular, it actually makes me sad to see people who are worse off than me. Although Mike seems to be happy, there are so many others who are suffering terribly who are deeply miserable with no escape. The media showing this one particular case undermines everything Tony Nicklinson is trying to do to escape from his personal hell. I hate to see suffering on any level. Karen

Just seen on the news that poor Tony Nicklinson has died this morning. Hopefully he is at peace at last. Teresa xx

Yes, Teresa, he was an inspiration.and his poor wife too. Now out of pain and suffering, but his widow will be in anguish.

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