In Keeping with the very funny programme 'The last leg,', is it allright to say......

I should have written about this before but I have back problems and find it difficult to sit for long,

Anyway, ever since the Paralympics, I have been watching a very funny programme called the last leg. It’s like Top Gear for the disabled, They often read quotes from Twitter and email with the titile "Is it allright to’…

Well after watching Casualty last night re the woman in the wheelchair and the physiotherapis Is it allright to say

In another life and 30 years agao I would

who wouldn’t?

it was sad wasn’t it? that poor bloke.

i watched that 999 emergency about ambulances and a very young lad came off his motorbike and ended up paralysed from the waist down. i really need to watch something more cheerful.

i love the last leg too.

carole x

I love the last leg too, however, didn’t see casualty last night so don’t know What you mean,

I’m the same Carole, the books I like are a wee bit macabre, I’ve given up on Linda Laplante as there’s too much murder going on.

Wendy x

Well I’ll tell you a bit about the story cherrylips. Woman in a wheelchair paralized in a car accident, is feeling unloved by husband, so has a fling with her dishy physio, husband comes home catches them unclothed concludes that wife has been raped and chases physio out of the house, physio falls down some stairs and injures himself badly, off to casualy, where police are called as a sex crime has taken place, at the end of the show she owns up that it was consensual phew.

What I was getting at was the physio was dishy.

Wendy x

Nothing wrong with a bit of window shopping ladies!

And a bit of light banter! Love it!


Wendy, guessed it would be something along those lines. How dishy? Enough to Overturn my ban on men? C

He was dishy cherrylips but probably not enough to compete with a good book and an early night, I was just pleased that they’d showed a disable woman with normal feelings.

As Alan said; we can still do a bit of window shopping.

And one look at me these days at he’d run a mile, the only car horns I get these days are from drivers offtering to wait while I cross the road on my buggy.

Wendy x

Wendy, you crack me up! I could read your wee anecdotes all day! Beep beep!

Polly xxx