The last leg - got to be the funniest programme on televison

Hi everyone

I watch ‘The last leg’ on channel 4 catch up, (that way I can watch in comfort from my bed), it’s got to be the funniest programme on telly, whether you’re disabled or not, it makes me lol, not a lot of that going on in my life these days,

If you haven’t seen it, have an open mind and like satirical humour, take a look, it’s fast becoming better than have I got news for you.

l love this sort of satirical humour - and it seems ‘guests’ on the programme are also keen to join in - which is a good sign.

l love this sort of satirical humour - and it seems ‘guests’ on the programme are also keen to join in - which is a good sign.

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Doesn’t take life too seriously. Everyone’s a target. Love Adam Hills ! He has a signer in his live shows (only seen live dvds) who he winds up. Funny as. And he has a rant every now and then… his jibes at Putin are hilarious

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Have to agree. I have been watching it since the Paralympic Games and its chuffing hilarious. I love the rants and that anyone is a target, disabled or not. Bloody hilarious

Thanks for your replies folks, I’ve been watching it since Paralympics too EmGem

​Wendy x

Did you see last nights yet John Cleese and his cat very funny.

Mr Cleese was on fine form last night

HI Every one 1st time on here, was beginning to think It was all doom and gloom on this site, thanks for the tip on the

programme I will look out for It, Is any one on face book.

Regards David Longhurst. progressive MS some body has to have It ha ha

All doom and gloom on here ? Have you not seen The Happy Thread ? :wink: Yellow pages baby !! Not just here for the bad things in life… How are you David ? Welcome to the party…

Hi David, no definitely not all doom and gloom, we have our own resident comedian Wobblyboy, has anyone heard from him lately? no wait a minute I’ll ask on the board. Welcome along David, I am on facebook but rarely use it, I’m sure you’ll meet others who are more active with it.

Wendy x

hiya wendy

i have lying low myself recently but yes i have heard from wb-will tell him u were asking after him

ellie x

ps welcome david!

Thanks ellie

Wendy x

Thanks every one a nice welcome

Now Carrboy Happy thread? Yellow pages baby what’s that all about !

I am on scotch and strong larger my self ha ha,

Lets try and keep the banter going guys and gal’s.

Life Is to short look on the bright side, most people have to get up and go to work In the morning.

I don’t know about the rest of you but every days a Sunday for me ha ha

Bye for now David

The explanation was in the next line. … what they used to say on the adverts ‘we’re not just here for the bad things in life, like a blocked drain…’ ??? Scotch and larger??? I’ll keep going, my messages will make sense in about half an hour…

Ha Ha far to Intellectual ( thank goodness for spell check) for me, should I you back to reading my Beano !

Carraboy ( nice name that ) If my drain gets blocked, I will call you straight away.

Chow for now David

Just watching it on catch up. I now have an urge to throw Skittles into a tuba…