the job lot last night

i am on a rant mode did you see this programme last night , was billed as being very funny was painful to watch, especially when the claiment said she couldn’t work as she had MS , then came out the wheelchair, at this point thought no wonder we have problems getting DLA and ESA,

rant over

i am not a great tv viewer myself but it was rated highly in the weekend papers

I found it rather amusing.


yes said it was a rant i am one of the lucky ones i only get dla and can manage , however work in the area when poor folk have to go through hell to get what they deserve so a tad touchy , pick on someone that deserves it then it is funny, still in rant mode

Yes I was unfortunate enough to watch it. Well done to the writers as you just managed to alienate 100,000 MS sufferers as well as the millions of people who enjoy comedy, which this wasn’t. Hopefully the whole sorry sitcom will sink without trace never to be heard of again.

We found it funny but that is from a knowledge perspective. She could have said ME, muscular Dystrophy or another condition that rendered her quickly into a wheelchair. The point is that she was work-shy so was finding any excuse and/or prop to put off having the interview and ‘back to work’ tutorial


your 100% right just wanted a rant, because if i had a penny for everyone who gets our condition wrong i would be rich, just hit a little nerve

Hi I didnt watch the prog.

But last week on Loose Women, comedian Omid Djalili was talking about a diving competition prog he`d been on. He hadnt done very well, but said that he could enter the next Paralympics, as disabled by obesity.

Ooo, that got me a tad cross!

yes, I know, we should laugh it off…but…

luv Pollx

Which programme was this? X

Sorry I’ve just read the title again, apologies! X

Just watched this online on ITV Player.

I’m sure I’ve spoken to an “Angela” before.

The young girl claiming to have ‘just caught MS’ was so far from reality, I couldn’t take her seriously enough to be offended.

Considering how feeble most modern sitcoms are, I think this one has enough potential to warrant viewing next week!!

Really? Comedy is in a sorry state if this is getting likes from so many. Thank God for repeats of Seinfield and Curb your Enthusiasm on Sky Atlantic.

I have to say I enjoyed it. A modern day comedy which made me chuckle. I am in both courts. I have ms and work for the job lot. s4ar