Kenny Everatt

Just watched Kenny Everett Show on Channel 4. Where has humour gone nowadays; never laughed so much; brilliant.


Who was your favourite character George?

Mitchel Marceu

Hi Welsh boy,

Woops I think it’s Marcel Marceau and him and Pamala Stephenson taking off Jannet Street Porter and she was there made me pee me pants.

Damn, I missed it! I caught an old Best of Kenny Everett on BBC4 a few months ago and was cackling hysterically. I shall have to look for it online. I like a list of things to watch upstairs while I tackle the ironing sitting down … ironing is so boring otherwise :wink:

Thanks for the heads up. Btw I liked Sid Snot and Cupid

Tracey x

Hiya George

I used to love watching the cartoon section that Kenny done as well. I think the character was called Captain Kremmen.


I loved him doing the American general with the big shoulders -“put em a field and bomb the b@st@rds”…

I’d forgotten about the cartoons, I’ve gotta look 'em up. Must be something on You Tube!

T x

Went right off him after his ‘kick the stick from under Michael Foot’ Tory campaign comment :frowning:

I think Kenny E’s mickey-take of Rod Stewart, with the inflatable leopardskin pants, was one of the greatest TV moments ever!

Pure genius, and how he got away with some of the things he did…


Totally agree anu.

Cupid Stunt and Brother Lee Love for me.

yea cupid stunt was hysterical

the play on words reminds me of flowery twats on fawlty towers

we used to wait for the end of the show to see what the anagram would be

carole x

remember that? It was Cleo giving a lashing to someone. Every time she got to 35, she lost count and had to start again!

luv Pollx

I just watched Dave Allen gods own comidian he was so funny thats if you dont mind someone poking fun at religion, love it laughed till my sides hurt.


Now that is spooky!

I have just tracked down a rare Dave Allen stand up DVD for my mum’s birthday and popped back on and your mentioning Dave Allen, Barbara.

Yeah he was great too!


Love love love kenny everett. So funny, reminds me of my childhood with me and my mum sat chuckling in front of the box or listening to his radio show. Very funny man.