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Hello all

Saw this show is going to be on Ch 4 tonight, incidently C4 are the proud sponsors of the Paralympics:

Synopsis: “A prank show series featuring disabled performers pranking able-bodied members of the public.” The first ep shows a wheelchair user tangled in a parachute dangling from a tree asking for help.

Now, is it really ok to take the p*ss out of able bodied people who stop to assist disabled people? I think it sends completely the wrong message.



I watched it and thought it really funny ! Reminded me a lot of Trigger Happy that was on quite a few years back. The scenarios were far too silly to be taken seriously and it just went to show how silly and gullible some people can be. I take my MS and subsequent disabilities with a huge dollop of humour and I’m sure people with other disabilities do the same,its better to laugh than to cry. I can see why it may not be everyones cup of tea but I’d drink a few more of those cuppas


Hi Ricky

For me its good to get a different perspective, you have given me something to think about. I totally agree it is better to laugh than cry


I agree, humour is the best source of coping for myself and my husband. People who are close to us understand this and we find it actually helps people to ask questions that they might have felt unable to ask. I would also say that the likes of comedians such as Ricky Gervais bring things into public notice and mek people aware of things that they have never considered before. Remember the woman in The Office in a wheelchair, the young lady with Cerebral Palsy in Extras, Life’s Too Short with Warwick Davis and his new series Derek.

I think it is brilliant that they have reversed the social stereo type. I honestly though I was going to die laughing at the line-up scene. The 3 guys with cerebal palsey were just brilliant. In fact, it was so funny I have been going on to everyone at work about it. I can’t wait for tonight!

Glad to hear from you all!

So, I may have been a touch grumpy when I read about this show, then I posted. Note to self, don’

That aside, the replies I received have been interesting and eye opening.

Thanks for taking time to educate me.


Well Tulip, it is on again tonight, 10pm Channel 4. Have a watch and see what you think. Xx

I haven’t seen it but it sounds really funny to me, I’m sorry I missed the one you described, it does sound like Trigger Happy TV so I’ll catch it tonight and let you know. Humour is a very personal thing so it won’t appeal to everyone.( don’t think you’re being grumpy by the way )

Gm Broushka

Thank you for your post :slight_smile: Try 4OD via the internet to catch up on that or any shows (4 On Demand, like the BBC I player).

Have a good day.