Sex on wheels!

Channel 4 tonight there is a programme called ‘Sex on wheels’ exploring sexual intimacy of disabled people. Sounds like a laugh if not educational. Pat

I’ll be there


Thought you were advertising yourself for rent with the thread title!

Much more of this and there’ll be a documentary team looking at us…BRAVO


It was a bit limp


Actually, the best bit was/were the rude cartoon Avatar things mixed in with end credits that showed two stick people doing a strange kind of fizzio over a wheel chair.



the best bit of the evening was when my 17 yr old son walked into the room just as the naked woman ‘therapist’ was trying to show the guy how to enjoy sex without orgasm. MOTHER-WHAT ARE YOU WATCHING?! fantasy was my reply!

ellie x


It couldn’t be as bad as 24 hours in A and E the other day. An alcoholics dad saying “being an alcohloic is much like getting a disease, like MS”

I was so angry


Oh, is that what it was.I’d willingly go to therapy like that,but if they said it was topless physio with my luck it’d be with a bald Turkish wrestler.The lad with the profound learning difficulties seemed typical of most 20 something blokes with his interests being footy and *haggin’

S xx

See, what business is it of non disabled people to oggle how disabled people get a sh@g?

I didn’t watch it but OH watched the first 5 minutes before turning over (the TV not himself) and from what I briefly caught a glimpse of…just pure voyeurism…

If it was a programme looking into the sex lives of any other minority group (whilst pretending to be a serious documentary) it would be accused of whatever’ism’…off to tie my wheel chair to the chandelier…

Cheap tv. Tuned in for about 2 minutes, realised it was a euro trash style insult to the intelligence. Turned it off and read my new arrival of a book called Snow Country by Yasunari Kawabata with the spoil of a glass of decadence that I was saving for the end of the world. Oh, and then another, and another, and…what ms? Love to all :slight_smile: