Flog it!

Evening all!

I was watching Flog it on telly tonight. They were filming in Kent. There was a couple with a lot of model ships they wanted to flog. I noticed the lady was in a wheelie…always gets my attention to see a fellow wheelie!

During the discussion about what would they do with any proceeds from the sale, Marylin and (I think) Terry, said the money would go to their local branch of the MS society!

So I wonder if Marylin is a member here?

Lov Pollx

hi poll

i always look twice at anyone in a wheelie on telly.

especially in dramas.

there was a lady in a wheelchair on an episode of cuffs but no explanation on her disability was given.

i hope marilyn flogged her ships for a good price!

carole x

ps still haven’t managed to recover my facebook account - keep having to devise new passwords and they are getting emotional now. “reetfedup” was the last one but it didnt work.

i’ll keep on trying and if i have no luck i’ll open a totally new account so that i can chat with blossoms buddies.

I saw that too, Poll, well just the tail end of it while I was waiting for Pointless to start.

The ships made £60 for their local branch of the MS Society. The guy even had an orange MS Society T shirt on. Good advertising!

Tracey x