nursing the nation

Afternoon all.

Did anyone watch the above tv prog last night?

It`s about the role of a district nurse.

It featured a woman about 40, who one night suddenly had breathing difficulties and was taken to hospital. Turned out she had a rare form of pneumonia. It was so bad it affected her circulation and she had both legs, just below her knees and the fingers on 1 hand amputated!!!

it was really shocking! But she was due to get married and had such a marvelous resolve. She got some false legs, and walked down the aisle to her wedding. She was just so remarkable, bless her.

A heroine indeed!

Just wanted to share it with you.

luv Pollx

Recorded that Poll looking forward to viewing it even more now :slight_smile: xx

Hi Poll I saw it yeah, quite inspiring for us all! Donna x