surprise district nurse visit

Hi all.

Just before lunch time today, a district nurse turned up at my door…I was surprised as I hadn`t arranged a visit.

She was a nurse I`d had back in my catheter days. A lovley woman.

She said my GP had called to say I was having trouble with my bowels.

We discussed the problem and she said not to let myself get so bunged up as happened last week. She advised more movicol(laxido) if I haven`t been for 2 days. And I can also call her and she will give me a small enema. It is a sachet of an irritant which makes the bowel start moving.

Funny thing…she hadnt heard of peristeen either............maybe they dont use it in my local health authority?

She said the nurses will pop in to see me from time to time.

I think that`s good.

luv POllx

Hiya Poll,

Glad the district nurse has taken an interest. Its good to have someone to call when things get really bad. Keep her abreast of the situation and if experiencing more problems ask for her help.

seems to be a week of surprises, Im hoping its a sign of good things to come for us all (:o) - and I dont mean brown parcels!



Hi Poll

That sounds good for them to keep an eye on you, should stop

it getting so bad in the future.

Hope you had a good weekend, take care

Pam x

Glad to hear they are looking after you at last Pol. Off to see my neuro on Friday, first time going on my own. Before it was always with my husband, but now I have a diagnosis we don’t anticipate any shocks. Still, I feel really nervous and am thinking of asking my sister to come with me. It’s a bit embarrassing feeling nervous of going on my own to a doctor. I’m 42 not 5! Chis

Hi Chis, whether we are 5, 55 or 105 theres nowt daft in taking someone to docs with you. I know youre not expecting any shocks, but a second pair of ears cant be wrong, eh?

good luck.

luv Pollx

hi poll

did the district nurse mention manual evacuation? they do it in my area.x

Hi Poll So pleased the nurse has been out to see you. I am a bit surprised she’s not heard of peristeen system!!! Having said that nor had my GP, I just asked her to refer me to a colorectal consultant and after being examined one of the nurses gave me the run down on the system. She rang me every few weeks to see how I was coping with it. Hope your bowels behave themselves… I am really struggling with my bladder at the moment, just finished my 8th course of antibiotics since mid April and still not right!!! ;( I have finally agreed to see a urologist!!! More poking about…oh the joys!!! Love Linda x

Hi Linda, mmm odd isn`t it that neither GP nor nurse has heard of peristeen. Perhaps it is more known by MS nurses.

Can`t believe (although I do of course) all those anit-bs havent sorted you out. Yes, more fun being examined!

luv Pollx

Hi Janet, no she didn`t. But I have done that before…stuff we have to do, eh?

luv Pollx

Hi bren, more of the brown stuff this morning. Took an hour to sort out.yuk! Better than being bunged up.

Heard owt on the house sale?

luv Pollx