spoken to ms nurse re lp

Hi all. MS nurse returned my call from Monday today. I told her how the lp went and the lack of good assistance from the nursing staff. She expressed how sorry she was, but then said Well on day wards they dont have equipment like hoists and commodes. I said Well surely they see other people who cant walk, don`t they?`` No comment.

I then went on to ask if I could see a particular neuro, as the one who I am down to see in October, is so aloof, I may as well talk to the wall. She said she`d try to organise it.

Fingers crossed, eh?

luv Pollx

Good luck Poll, hope it works out for you

Good Luck Poll - hope you get a more amenable neuro. They are quite hard work as human beings, aren’t they? Love Teresa xx

If a patient turns up who needs hoisting then they can get hoist etc from the equipment library. All staff are trained in use of the hoist even if they don’t necessarily use it that often. Commodes are also available. I would be making a more formal complaint to the patient advice and liason service. They have been very helpful for me in the past and as a nurse if someone is not happy I always direct them in how to make a complaint as that way feedback is passed through the system and gets acted on.