Would MS have caused my heart dysfunction?

About 4-5 years ago I blacked out at home and was rushed to hospital for fear of a heart attack.

Turns out I had a piece of surplus tissue in my heart chamber that caused a malfunction with my electrical system and made me blackout. My heart was racing apparently 180 bpm. They performed an ablation of the heart to remove the tiny unwanted tissue. They fitted a USB stick under my skin on my chest to monitor heart activity. I have a reading taken twice a year and so far everything has been normal. Although they called it a heart attack my arteries are crystal clear as I had a camera inserted through them.

Do you think my MS was linked in any way. At that time I had`nt been diagnosed with MS. That came much later.

I just have a feeling it is all connected.

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Funny you should say that Scrudger. I started with exacerbation of RRMS (which according to my MS consultant, and I didn’t know I’ve had, for approx 35 years!) in October 2016. I also had symptoms of tachycardia, feeling faint, breathless, sweating at the same time. After much reporting to various medics since then, I had an ECG 5 weeks ago and hey ho I have a left Bundle Branch Block. I saw the cardiologists for the first time yesterday, they have set about further investigations. Like you I have a theory that this may well be linked to MS in that the autoimmune aspect may have triggered a myocarditis and resulted in LBBB. I put my theory to the consultant who said ‘interesting, you may well be right’. But they want to rule out other causes first, so lots of other tests lined up. Time will tell!! By the way there are no other obvious links such as smoking, CVD, etc. Any one else have heart symptoms?

I`m quite sure it is linked. The stupid thing is when I blacked out sitting at the computer I fell out of my chair and split my head open on the desk on my way down. That was more painful than anything else. Lots of blood. That made the trip to hospital worthwhile.

This is probably why they cant give me the correct diagnosis. Ive been diagnosed with RRMS then PPMS and now IDKMS ( I Don`t Know MS ).

I`m convinced I have something other than MS. When I read about what other people have in the way of symptoms my only resemblance is fatigue. I did have dizziness, balnce and toilet urgency issues but they have all improved.

I have…something that I can’t pronounce. My blood vessels are very sensitive so any stimulants or quick changes in temperature makes my blood pressure plummet, I had to have echo cardiograms, fit tests, heart monitors and finally a tilt test before they figured it out (this was 5 years ago). I also have a fast heart rate (they said just one of those things) and suffer with ectopic beats (third chamber of heart just beats randomly whenever it lives but doesn’t effect the heart in anyway) just feels like a palpitation. I cut out caffeine and try to limit other stimulants and I have no bother these days. The first neurologist I saw seemed to be very interested in this though with regards to MS (I had first attack in January this year).