Heart Problems or MS?

Hi everyone, I have had the MS hug on and off since being diagnosed 4 year ago. But on Thursday I started with a very strong pain in the middle of my chest. I just thought it was the hug or maybe heart burn. But at 3am I woke up again still in pain. I was trembling badly. I took my blood pressure which was high 199/102, so I panicked and rang 101. They sent an ambulance and I was admitted to A & E. My ECG was normal and no other symptoms. But when they checked my blood for enzymes it had gone to 17 (apparently the norm is 15) so they kept me in to check to again later. On the next check it had come down and they let me come home. They said it wasn’t a heart attack, but are sending me to see a cardiologist, as they say something must have happened to my heart.

Just wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience? is it possible it is the MS. I have been really stressed at work and with family problems recently. Not sure if I should contact my MS nurse or just see my doctor. Any advice would be appreciated.



hi wendy

i think you should contact both your ms nurse and your gp.

they both need to know.

really hope it was just a temporary glitch.

carole x

Thanks Carole, will do x

Hi I am not saying it is the same, but several months ago I had really bad chest pains unlike the MS hug that I had several times before.

I had made an appointment to see my GP later that day, but in the meantime it got worse and worse and I was in so much agony and the GP surgery ( I rang them) told me to phone for an ambulance straight away.

Cutting a long boring story short the paramedic that came first said my blood pressure was very high so he was getting an ambulance, but the ecg was okay.

At the hospital they could not find a cause for it so I am none the wiser apart from the scan showed I have a slightly enlarged heart.

As above have said I would tell GP and MS nurse


Hi everyone has anyone experienced any heart related problems since being diagnosed thank you

better go to the doctor