Chest pain

Hi all, I have had chest pain + shortness of breath, I went to docs today + my blood pressure is sky high. I have to go to hospital tomorrow for a heart trace. Do you think this could be an ms symptom ? Has anyone had this. Julsiexx

Hi julsie, I’m not sure to be honest. My initial reaction was anxiety. It could be a combination of things. I know it’s easier said than done but please try not to worry. You’ll know more when you go to the hospital. Suz xx

Thanks suz, hope it is something like that, like you same tomorrow I will know more.julsiexx


Hi Susi,


You must get your heart checked out first but it sounds like the ‘MS Hug’ see




Hi George, thanks for your link, I’ve been for my heart trace + been let home so think everything ok. I think it must be that ms hug, I would rather that than a heart attack so alls well, got docs in a week to see what trace shows. Thanks again julsiexx